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      Law-Related Organizations

      Missouri Courts | Supreme Court of Missouri
      Missouri has more than 400 judges and commissioners. The Supreme Court of Missouri, the state’s highest court, is made up of seven judges while the Court of Appeals is divided into three geographic districts with a total of 32 judges. Missouri’s counties and the city of St. Louis are organized into 45 judicial circuits. There is at least one courthouse in all 114 Missouri counties and the city of St. Louis. The circuit court is typically in the county seat (or the city of St. Louis) and may be in additional locations in the county. To learn more about Your Missouri Courts, please visit: www.courts.mo.gov.

      Office of Attorney Enrollment | Supreme Court of Missouri
      The office of attorney enrollment is responsible for maintaining the official and permanent roll of attorneys in Missouri. Governed under Supreme Court Rule 6, the attorney enrollment office collects attorney enrollment fees and issues Missouri Bar membership cards to attorneys certified as having complied with the requirements of Supreme Court of Missouri Rule 6.01. The attorney enrollment office is responsible for changes in attorney’s status and updates in the attorney’s profile. It also is responsible for issuing certificates of good standing, certificates used when forming a professional corporation and pro hac vice receipts. To learn more, please visit: http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=223.

      Office of State Courts Administrator
      The Office of State Courts Administrator (OSCA) is responsible for providing administrative, business and technology support services to the courts. The duties and responsibilities assigned to the state courts administrator's office relate to all levels of the state court system. OSCA manages the eFiling system in Missouri and is available to assist lawyers through its help desk at (888) 541-4894. To learn more about OSCA, please visit: http://www.courts.mo.gov/page.jsp?id=233.

      MoBar Net
      MoBar Net is a subscription service developed by Missouri lawyers and offered by The Missouri Bar through a technical partner, REJIS (Regional Justice Information Service) in St. Louis.  MoBar Net offers a pathway to electronic information sources for attorneys that are not available on the internet, such as direct access to the Department of Revenue for driver’s license and motor vehicle registrations among many others. To learn more, please visit: www.MoBarNet.org.

      IOLTA/Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation
      The Supreme Court of Missouri administers Rules that governs lawyers' trust accounts.  All trust accounts must be established as interest-bearing IOLTA accounts, or non-IOLTA accounts. IOLTA accounts are pooled accounts where the interest earned on funds would not be sufficient to generate any net income to the client. This interest income is collected by the Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation ("Foundation") and distributed in the form of grants to provide legal services to the poor and other law related services. To learn more about the Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation, please visit: http://www.moiolta.org/  

      Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel
      The Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel is an agency of the Missouri Supreme Court and is responsible for investigating allegations of misconduct by lawyers, prosecuting the cases where a lawyer’s misconduct poses a threat to the public or to the integrity of the legal profession, and maintaining current records of disciplinary information for lawyers licensed to practice law in Missouri. To learn more, please visit: www.MoChiefCounsel.org.

      Missouri Supreme Court Advisory Committee & Legal Ethics Counsel
      The Advisory Committee is appointed by the Supreme Court of Missouri and may provide formal opinions regarding ethical matters. The Legal Ethics Counsel serves as staff and counsel to the Advisory Committee and provides informal advisory opinions to members of the bar. To learn more, please visit: www.molegalethics.org.

      Missouri Bar Foundation
      The Missouri Bar Foundation is a charitable, non-profit partner to The Missouri Bar that helps fund and support bar members and their families and works to further the law-related education of members and citizens in the state. Through our efforts, we hope to improve and preserve the administration of justice in Missouri. The Foundation is made possible through the donations of members and family members who want to help in Missouri. To learn more, please visit: www.MoBarFoundation.org.

      Missouri Bar Pro Bono Website
      This website is part of an ongoing effort of The Missouri Bar to encourage and make it easier for Missouri attorneys to find opportunities and access resources to provide pro bono service to needy persons and groups, particularly those whose incomes do not allow them to obtain necessary representation through other means. To learn more or to search pro bono opportunities, please visit: www.mobarprobono.org

      The Missouri Plan
      The Missouri Plan, otherwise known as Missouri’s Non--Partisan Court Plan, is a model for the nation in merit-based judicial selection. In the City of St. Louis, and in St. Louis, Jackson, Clay, Platte and Greene Counties, judges apply for their positions on the bench and are selected on the basis of merit. This process is transparent to the public and accountable to the people. To learn more about The Missouri Plan, please visit MissouriPlan.com by The Missouri Bar.

      Judicial Performance Evaluations
      Judges who serve under Missouri’s Non-Partisan Court Plan run in retention elections after their first year on the bench and at the end of each of their terms. They are evaluated by one of seven different committees, either an Appellate Judicial Evaluation Committee or a Circuit Judicial Evaluation Committee. To learn more about the evaluation process, criteria of the judicial performance evaluations and retention committees’ recommendations, please visit www.YourMissouriJudges.org by The Missouri Bar.

      Discover Missouri Courts
      Discover Missouri Courts is a website launched by the Supreme Court of Missouri’s civic education committee. This website is devoted exclusively to providing user-friendly information about Missouri courts and judges. To learn more, please visit Discover Missouri Courts at www.courts.mo.gov/civiceducation.

      MissouriLawyersHelp.org | Missouri Bar Public Website
      MissouriLawyersHelp.org is a website created by The Missouri Bar that provides a variety of resources and services to the citizens of Missouri. Members of the public may find an attorney online, or download one of our 50-plus publications on topics ranging from family law to living wills. The website also offers citizenship education publications, resources and services to help educators more effectively teach their students about the law, the legal system and the courts. Legal resources, lesson plans, events and more can be found here to help Missourians gain a better understanding of how the law impacts their daily lives. To learn more, please visit: www.MissouriLawyersHelp.org.

      Local and Voluntary Bar Associations
      Missouri is home to dozens of local and voluntary bar associations. Below is a list of many of those local and voluntary bar associations. If you are an officer of a local or voluntary bar and information for your bar is missing or incorrect, please contact Farrah Fite at 573-638-2251 or ffite@mobar.org.


      10th Judicial Circuit Bar

      20th Judicial Circuit Bar

      24th Judicial Circuit Bar

      27th Judicial Circuit Bar

      34th Judicial Circuit Bar Association (Inactive)

      37th Judicial Circuit Bar

      39th Judicial Circuit Bar Association

      3rd Judicial Circuit Bar

      41st Judicial Circuit Bar

      42nd Judicial Circuit Bar Association

      4th Judicial Circuit Bar

      9th Judicial Circuit Bar 

      Adair County Bar

      Asian American Bar Association-Kansas City

      Association for Women Lawyers of Greater Kansas City

      Audrain County Bar Association

      Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (BAMSL)

      Boone County Bar  

      Butler County Bar

      Callaway County Bar Association

      Cape Girardeau County Bar

      Carroll County Bar Association

      Cass County Bar

      Clay County Bar Association

      Clinton County Bar Association

      Cole County Bar 

      Cooper County Bar Association

      Dunklin County Bar Association

      Eastern Jackson County Bar

      Henry County Bar Association

      Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City

      Jackson County Bar Association

      Jasper County Bar

      Jefferson County Bar

      Jefferson County Women's Bar Association

      Johnson County Bar Association

      Kansas City Lesbian, Gay & Allied Lawyers 

      Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association (KCMBA)

      Laclede County Bar Association

      Lafayette County Bar Association

      Lawyers Association of Kansas City

      Lawyers Association of St. Louis

      Lawyers for Equality

      Lincoln County Bar Association

      Livingston County Bar Association

      Mississippi County Bar Association

      Missouri Asian American Bar Association

      Missouri Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (MACDL)

      Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys

      Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys (MATA)

      Missouri Chapter - National Academy of Elder Law 

      Missouri Municipal Attorney Association

      Missouri Organization of Defense Lawyers (MODL)

      Moniteau County Bar Association

      Mound City Bar Association

      Newton/McDonald County Bar Association

      Pettis County Bar

      Phelps County Bar

      Platte County Bar Association

      Pulaski County Bar Association

      Randolph County Bar

      Saline County Bar

      Scott County Bar Association

      South Asian Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis (SABA-STL)

      Southern Missouri Women Lawyers 

      Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association (SMBA)

      St. Charles County Bar 

      St. Joseph Bar Association

      St. Louis County Bar Association

      Stoddard County Bar

      Taney County Bar

      Texas County Bar Association

      Vernon County Bar Association

      Webster County Bar Association

      Women Lawyers Association of Greater St. Louis

      Women Lawyers Association of Mid-Missouri