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      News Blog

      October 9, 2019

      Board of Governors endorses new member benefit

      A new member benefit offering management consulting advice for law firm owners will soon be available to Missouri Bar members. At its September 18 meeting, the Board of Governors – acting on a recommendation from its Member Services and Resources Committee – agreed to enter into an agreement with How to Manage a Small Law Firm.

      This company helps solo and small law firm owners build law firm business that fulfills their personal, professional, and financial goals – all at a do-it-yourself pace. Among the services offered are a monthly coaching call, a newletter, and access to professionals who will answer questions and offer feedback on a firm’s business plan.

      Missouri Bar members who join How to Manage a Small Law Firm will receive a $100 discount off the regular monthly cost of the service.

      Watch The Missouri Bar’s weekly electronic newsletter, ESQ, for more information on this new member benefit or visit http://www.mojh5.com/memberbenefits/ for a complete rundown of all the existing benefits, services, and discounts available to Missouri Bar members.