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      • Awards

        Each year, The Missouri Bar recognizes individuals who have helped improve the state's justice system. Many of these awards are presented at the bar's Annual Meeting.  Some awards are given by other organizations but are also presented at the Annual Meeting.

        Missouri Bar Awards

        • The Dr. Warren H. Solomon Civic Virtue Award
          The Dr. Warren H. Solomon Civic Virtue Award was established by The Missouri Bar Advisory Committee for Citizenship Education to recognize individuals who exemplify civic virtue and who have promoted civic virtue among Missouri’s teachers and students.
        • The E.A. Richter Award for Excellence in Citizenship Education
          The Missouri Bar Advisory Committee for Citizenship Education established the Richter Award to recognize outstanding contributions by Missouri’s teachers, administrators and schools to citizenship education efforts in the state.
        • The Excellence in Legal Journalism Awards
          In recognition of the important role played by the state′s news media in improving public understanding of key legal issues, The Missouri Bar annually presents its "Excellence in Legal Journalism Awards."
        • The Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Practice Award
          The Missouri Bar’s Commercial Law Committee, to honor the memory of Michael R. Roser, has established an annual award to be presented at the Annual Meeting of The Missouri Bar. The Michael R. Roser Excellence in Bankruptcy Award will be presented to an individual who manifests the highest standard of excellence in bankruptcy practice, who has contributed distinctively to the development and appreciation of bankruptcy law, and/or who has made an outstanding contribution in the field of bankruptcy administration or practice.
        • The President's Awards
          The award is given by the president of The Missouri Bar to recognize meritorious service to the state bar.
        • The Pro Bono Publico Awards
          The Missouri Bar awards acknowledging outstanding pro bono activities.
        • The Roger P. Krumm Family Law Award
          The Family Law Section and The Missouri Bar present an annual award to honor a family law lawyer who has demonstrated an exceptional degree of competence, skill, integrity, commitment, and dedication toward the improvement and advancement of the practice of family law and the children and families involved in family law matters.
        • Theordore M. McMillian Judicial Excellence Awards
          The award recognizes jurists who, by virtue of their integrity, leadership and diligence in the pursuit of the efficient administration of justice, inspire other members of the judiciary to similar noble purpose.


        Missouri Bar Foundation Awards

        • The David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Awards
          The David J. Dixon Appellate Advocacy Award recognizes three young lawyers who are under the age of 40 selected from different regions of the state: St. Louis, Kansas City and all other counties.. The recipients are chosen based on their performance of outstanding appellate work. Nominations are solicited from members of The Missouri Bar from Jan. 1 through March 15. Those nominations are then sent to a selection committee of two appellate judges, a U.S. district judge and the chief justice of the Supreme Court, who makes recommendations to the Missouri Bar Foundation Trustees for final selection.
        • The Lon O. Hocker Awards
          This award is given to three trial lawyers who are under the age of 40 selected from different regions of the state: St. Louis, Kansas City and all other counties. The recipients are chosen based on their demonstrated balance between zealousness and honor, strength and courtesy, confidence and respect, as well as other professional qualities.
        • The Spurgeon Smithson Awards
          The Spurgeon Smithson Awards honor Missourians who have shown outstanding service toward the increase and diffusion of justice. Each year, a judge, an academic and a lawyer are selected for recognition.
        • Purcell Professionalism Award
          This award acknowledges outstanding professionalism by a Missouri lawyer, who has consistently demonstrated an exceptional degree of competency, integrity and civility in both their professional and civic activities.
        • The W. Oliver Rasch Award
          This award is given to a lawyer who has contributed and authored the best Journal of The Missouri Bar article of the year.


        Missouri Bar Young Lawyers' Section Awards

        • The Liberty Bell Award
          This award acknowledges a non-lawyer or non-legal organization engaged in public service activities that enhance the legal community or are dedicated to the advancement of justice.
        • The Tom Cochran Community Service Award
          This award acknowledges outstanding community service activities by a lawyer.
        • The YLS Chairperson's Awards
        • YLS Pro Bono Awards
          The YLS Pro Bono Awards acknowledge those who have excelled in one or more of the following ways: demonstrated dedication to the development and delivery of legal services to the poor through a pro bono program; contributed significant work toward developing innovative approaches to delivery of volunteer legal services; participated in an activity which resulted in satisfying previously unmet needs or in extending services to underserved segments of the population; successfully litigated pro bono cases that favorably affected the provision of other services to the poor; and successfully achieved legislation that contributed substantially to legal services to the poor.


        Other Awards

        • Legislative Awards
          The Missouri Bar Legislative Awards recognizes Missouri legislators who have made significant contributions to legislation which affects the administration of justice and the integrity of the judiciary.
        • The Defender of Distinction Award
          Missouri Public Defender Commission awards a public defender who exemplifies the ideal of public defense.
        • Prosecutor of the Year 
          The Missouri Association of Prosecuting Attorneys awards a prosecutor for their service over the past year.