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      Committee Scope
      Rule 16 of the Missouri Supreme Court established the Intervention Committee, which relates to substance abuse intervention. The rule was adopted Nov. 21, 1985 and amended on April 26, 1993 and May 2, 2006. (Rule 16)

      Purpose and Intent
      The Intervention Committee was established to encourage the identification of substance abuse in the legal profession so that: 

      - Through the assistance of committee members and its volunteers, lawyers or judges who may have a substance abuse or addiction problem are able to identify and address that problem through an appropriate course of treatment and thereby reduce the potential for engaging in behavior that could result in disciplinary complaints or grievances being filed against that lawyer or judge; and

      - When referrals are made by the office of chief disciplinary counsel, investigations and interventions can be conducted and rehabilitation programs may be imposed to reduce potential harm or injury to the public and to the practice of law in Missouri.

      Duties and Responsibilities under Rule 16.04
      The committee shall have authority to investigate substance abuse, conduct interventions and recommend and monitor rehabilitation programs for recovery. The committee shall carry out such duties at the request of a disciplinary authority or upon referral or request of a third-party.

      Committee Membership

      The Intervention Committee is composed of nine members of the Missouri Bar. Four members are appointed by the Executive Council of the Judicial Conference and five members are appointed by the Board of Governors of The Missouri Bar. The committee selects the chair, who then has authority to assign investigations and interventions. 

      For additional information on intervention or the Intervention Committee, please contact the chair of the committee.  

      Intervention Committee Chair

      Chair: Hugh F. O'Donnell III

      204 W. Linwood Blvd.
      Kansas City, MO 64111
      p: (816) 931-5533
      f: (816) 561-9355