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      Committee/Section Chair Resources

      Benefits of Using This Meeting Management Resource

      This page is designed to be a one-stop location for committee/section chairs to manage and develop the Spring and Fall Committee Meetings. Reference this page and use it to: 

      • keep abreast of important deadlines and meeting dates
      • conveniently complete the forms needed to schedule your meeting
      • submit your meeting agenda
      • apply for and obtain CLE accreditation for your programs
      • request audiovisual equipment 

      Once you submit this information, The Missouri Bar can begin publicizing your meeting and CLE program to members of your committee, helping to support strong attendance and involvement. Click here to see how The Missouri Bar will get the word out when you provide meeting information.

      Committee Meeting Details

      2019 Committee Meetings will be held at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City on:
           Friday, May 10 - Spring Committee Meetings
           Friday, November 22 - Fall Committee Meetings 

      DEADLINES  Spring Meeting Fall Meeting 
      RSVP March 15 September 27
      CLE & Agenda March 29 October 11
      Materials/AV April 26 November 8
      Minutes June 10 December 23
      Meeting Date May 10 November 22


      Committee Roster

      Do You Want to Quickly and Easily Access the Names of Lawyers on Your Committee?

      Committee Chairs can access the names and contact information for everyone on their committee by clicking on the link below. You will be directed to sign in to the Practice Portal of The Missouri Bar website (use your bar number and password).


      Committee Officers' Manual

      Click here for the 2015-2016 Committee Officers' Manual.