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      Committee Meetings

      Missouri Bar committees/sections are expected to hold at least two meetings each year. The Missouri Bar hosts Fall and Spring Committee Meetings annually at Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City. Typically, the Spring Meetings are in May and the Fall Meetings are in November. The committees either meet in the morning (10 a.m.) or afternoon (1 p.m.), with a complimentary lunch held in between. These committee meetings are offered free of charge to all registrants, committee/section membership is not a requirement.

      Committee work is the backbone of The Missouri Bar, resulting in the development of new programs and initiatives designed to benefit both the legal profession and the citizens of Missouri.  The committee's agenda is set by the chair and in addition to committee business, many committees offer a CLE program.  The committee chairs work hard to provide relevant, worthwhile CLE programs.  If you have suggestions for CLE topics, please click here and let us know.     

      Registrants of the Fall and Spring Committee Meetings take advantage of:

      • FREE registration,
      • FREE CLE at many meetings,
      • Complimentary lunch with guest speaker; and 
      • Opportunities to explore Missouri Bar committees.

      More information on the upcoming Committee Meetings can be found under the Meetings Section of the website.  Minutes from past committee meetings are available to committee members on the committee's community page connect.MOBAR.  Minutes are only required to be taken if the committee is reporting action items so not all meetings will have minutes.

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      Spring Committee Meetings  
      Friday, May 10, 2019   
       Fall Committee Meetings
      Friday, November 22, 2019