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      Committee and Section Newsletters

      Several of the Committees and Sections of the Missouri Bar produce a newsletter shared electronically. Here are four current newsletters.

      Latest Elder Law Committee Newsletter

      Elder Law Committee FrontpageApril 2014 Newsletter


      • Chair's Report
      • Education Opportunities
      • Legislative and Policy Update
      • Spotlight on R. Dyan Herdzina
      • Starting an Elder Law Practice: The Best Advice I Never Followed

      Click here to read the latest Elder Law Committee Newsletter

      Latest Family Law Section Newsletter

      Summer 2016 Newsletter


      • Note from Chair Tricia Scaglia
      • Child Support Chart and Guidelines Reviewed
      • 16th Annual Family Law Conference Preview
      • No Contest for St. Louis and Northern District Vacancies on Family Law Section Council

      Latest Labor & Employment Law Committee Newsletter

      June 2016 Newsletter 

      Articles in this issue:

      • Missouri Labor & Employment Legal Update
      • Employment Law Verdict Update
      • Eighth Circuit Labor Legal Update
      • Arbitration Agreements in Missouri: The Show Me (Consideration) State

      Click here to view the latest newsletter.


      April 2015 Newsletter

      August 2014 Newsletter

      December 2013 Newsletter

      September 2013 Newsletter

      Latest Young Lawyers' Section Newsletter

      YLS Newsletter ScreenshotYLS produces a quarterly e-Newsletter for its members called The Young Lawyer.

      The current editorial staff members of The Young Lawyer are:

      • Callie Pippin Raitinger
      • John Eccher
      • Rex Fennessey
      • Marty Miller
      • Katherine Myers
      • Nathan Risch
      • Mitchell Wood

      January 2016 Newsletter