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    3. Committee Online Communities

      connect.MOBAR online communities

      connect.MOBAR is our online collaborative tool designed exclusively for Missouri Bar members that combines the instant, active response features of the old email listservs with newer, digital-friendly discussion forums. You can start new threads in each “community” or find archived conversations through the search feature. All in real time, daily digests or no emails at all - you decide. As discussions develop within the community, the users’ posts and uploaded documents will create a rich archive of searchable content to help new and existing community members find answers to their practice questions. There are many added bonuses like the ability to share large files without cluttering your inbox and instant access to your member contacts through a more user-friendly member directory. 

      Try it out for yourself. Get started by signing in at connect.mobar.org (in the top right corner), using your bar number and PIN. Don’t remember what they are? Both are located on your bar card. If signing in for the first time, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Service. (TIP: If signing in from a work or personal device, we recommend you click on the “remember me” box the next time you log on— then you won’t have to on future visits.)

      We understand the value of networking and knowledge sharing, and we’re excited to provide Missouri Bar members a better environment to connect and engage in real time. Find more information on this member benefit in the Frequently Asked Questions.

      Community Addresses
      Below you’ll find the online community email addresses to help make it easy for committee chairs to send information through their online community in connect.MOBAR. Simply click on the community address below and a window from your email program will open, ready for your message. If you have any problems, call Krista Lepper at (573) 638-2248.

      Important Note #1: You can only post a message to communities to which you are a member. If you are not a member of a committee and want to join, please click on the "Join a Committee" button to update your preferences in the Members Only section of the website.

      Important Note #2: You can only introduce a message from the email address from which you are subscribed. Be sure to use that email address when introducing a message.

      Join a Committee


      Committee/Section Name Online Community Address
      Access to Justice mobar_accjustice@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Administrative Law mobar_adminlaw@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Alternative Dispute Resolution mobar_adr@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Animal Law mobar_animallaw@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Antitrust mobar_antitrust@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Bankruptcy Creditors-Debtors Rights mobar_bankruptcyrights@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Biotech & Life Science mobar_biotechandlifescience@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Business Succession Planning mobar_businesssuccessionplanning@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Charitable Giving mobar_charitablegiving@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Civil Practice & Procedure mobar_civilpractice@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Committee on Diversity mobar_diversity@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Complex Litigation mobar_complexlitigation@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Construction Law mobar_construction@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Criminal Practice & Procedure mobar_criminalpractice@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Education Law mobar_education@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Elder Law mobar_elder@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Eminent Domain Law mobar_zoningeminentdomain@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Environmental & Energy Law mobar_environmentalenergy@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Estate Planning & Probate Administration Law mobar_estateprobate@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Family Law Section mobar_familylawsection@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Fiduciary Litigation mobar_fiduciarylitigation@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Financial Services mobar_financialservices@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Government Attorneys mobar_government@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Health & Hospital Administration Law mobar_health@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Immigration Law mobar_immigration@ConnectedCommunity.org
      In-House Counsel mobar_corporatecounsel@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Insurance Law mobar_insurance@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Intellectual Property Law mobar_intellectualproperty@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Judicial Administration mobar_judicialadmin@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Juvenile Courts & Laws mobar_juvenile@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Labor & Employment Law mobar_labor@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Land Use, Zoning, Planning & Development mobar_landuse@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Lawyers' Assistance mobar_lawyersassistance@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Local Government Law mobar_localgovernment@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Media Law mobar_media@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Mergers & Acquisitions mobar_mergersacquisitions@ConnectedCommunity.org
      MOSOLO Small Firm mobar_mosolosmallfirm@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Products Liability mobar_productsliability@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Real Estate Acquisition & Disposal mobar_realestateacquisition@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Real Estate Practice & Procedure mobar_realestatepractice@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Taxation Law mobar_taxation@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Technology & Innovation Law mobar_techinnovation@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Tort & Transportation Law mobar_torttransportation@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Veterans & Military Law mobar_military@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Women in the Profession mobar_mowomenlawyers@ConnectedCommunity.org
      Workers' Compensation Law mobar_workerscomp@ConnectedCommunity.org