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      ESQ., Weekly News and Resources from Your Missouri Bar

      The bar's electronic newsletter, ESQ., is emailed each Friday to all lawyers in good standing who have provided their email addresses to the bar. Each edition contains summaries of appellate cases handed down during the past week by Missouri courts.

      Missouri Bar members may subscribe to ESQ. by clicking here.  

      October 4 Issue Now Available 

      In ESQ. today:

      - Missouri Bar Executive Director Relocating to New York 

      - Commission Announces Panel for Associate Circuit Judge Vacancy in St. Louis County 

      - Election Set for Lawyer Member of 16th Circuit Judicial Commission - Nomination Petitions Must Be Received by Oct. 14 

      - Pro Bono Your Way to a Waived Annual Enrollment Fee – Retired or Currently on Break From Practice? Love Helping Those In Need?  

      - Elections for Lawyer Members on Five Judicial Commissions Begin This Month – Voting in 6th and 7th Judicial Circuits Starts Today 

      - World Mental Health Day 2019: Working Together to Prevent Suicide 

      - All in the Family 


      Click here to view this issue.