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      Researching Existing Formal Opinions of the Missouri Supreme Court Advisory Committee

      The formal opinions and informal advisory opinions through June 30, 1994 are included in a deskbook entitled Missouri Advisory Opinions published by The Missouri Bar in 1995. A supplement to the deskbook was published in 1996. Opinions included in the deskbook and supplement are indexed by topic and include an annotation to the particular rule(s) involved. The book is no longer being published; however, you may search an electronic version of the deskbook and supplement and formal opinions published since 1996 by clicking here. Copies of the original deskbook may be found at many law libraries throughout the state.

      Requesting a Formal Opinion of the Missouri Supreme Court Advisory Committee

      A request for a formal opinion is the appropriate way to address a matter of general importance, not necessarily related to a specific fact situation. The Advisory Committee may issue formal opinions under Supreme Court Rules 5.30(a). Requests for formal opinions should be addressed to the Chair of the Missouri Supreme Court Advisory Committee, 3335 American Avenue, Jefferson City, MO 65109. The process for issuance of a Formal Opinion can take more than a year.