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      Jobs for Missouri Lawyers or Office Space/Office Sharing

      All views expressed in postings do not represent the opinions of The Missouri Bar.
      Terms and Conditions: 

      READ the Usage Agreement below carefully.  This service is provided at NO COST to lawyers and employers.  

      Ads are not automatically posted.  It MAY take up to seven (7) business days for your ad to appear.  

      Please email afenwick@mobar.org with any questions pertaining to postings.

      • Posting deadlines MUST be for thirty (30) days from the posting request date in order to be approved for publication within The Missouri Bar Jobs for Lawyers service. A company or organization’s website and The Missouri Bar website must have the same position title and expiration date prior to publication.
      • Unless a removal date is given, postings will be automatically removed after being viewable for the permitted sixty (60) days.
      • For any postings listed as "Confidential," we will do that; however, we still need your contact information for verification purposes.
      • Please note that we do not post ads for paralegals or legal secretaries; we only post jobs where a J.D. is preferred. 
      • It is your responsibility to contact us and have your posting removed if you have filled the position. Please email afenwick@mobar.org with the posting number to have your posting removed.
      • We reserve the right to approve all requests for job postings.  Those not meeting our standards will not be approved or may be removed.

      EMPLOYERS Posting for Full or Part-Time Employment and Contract Opportunities
      Please click on the highlighted links to: POST A JOB OPENING or remove one.

      LAWYERS Posting for Office Space or Office Sharing
      In addition to the above guidelines, you must be a member of The Missouri Bar in good standing and the owner of the space being offered to place an ad for office space and/or office sharing. Please click on the following links to submit your OFFICE SPACE OR OFFICE SHARE ad or remove your ad.

      If you are unable to access the form via the website, please feel free to email Angie at afenwick@mobar.org with your posting in Word format.

      If you have questions regarding the aforementioned or posting ads, please call Angie at (573) 638-2245. 

      Lawyers may access the three online lists The Missouri Bar provides—full or part-time employment, contract opportunities, and office space/office sharing below or from the left-hand menu.