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      Rights and Responsibilities of Sponsors of Accredited Programs

      A Missouri attorney who attends an accredited program may report the hours of attendance on his or her Annual Report of Compliance, Form 1, which must be filed by July 31 of each year by every Missouri lawyer subject to the MCLE requirement.

      Supreme Court Rule 15.04 and Regulation 15.04 set forth the standards for CLE programs and the obligations of sponsors of accredited programs.

      Regulation 15.04.4(b) requires sponsors to retain records of attendance for at least three years after the date of completion of the program or activity. A record of attendance by an individual lawyer shall be made available by the sponsor to The Missouri Bar upon request. It is not necessary for the accredited sponsor to send documentation of attendance to The Missouri Bar.

      Regulation 15.04.1(f) requires sponsors to provide each lawyer an evaluation questionnaire addressing the quality, effectiveness and usefulness of the seminar. A summary of the results must be provided to each speaker, and the sponsor must maintain the information on file for one year.

      To download Form 6, Application for Accreditation of a Continuing Legal Education Program or Activity, please click here.