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      The Missouri Press-Bar Commission

      The Missouri Bar created the Missouri Press-Bar Commission to foster better communications between the media and the bench and bar. Established in 1972, the commission is composed of media professionals, lawyers and judges who traditionally meet twice each year to develop a variety of projects and programs to promote a better informed citizenry and strong First and Sixth Amendments. Past projects include seminars on Missouri's Sunshine Law, the News Reporters’ Handbook on Law and the Courts and the News Reporters’ Legal GlossaryJean Maneke of The Maneke Law Group serves as the current president of the commission. The commission also currently has a subcommittee tasked with reviewing Missouri’s Cameras in the Courts Rule. 

      The mission of the Missouri Press-Bar Commission is: 

      • to encourage cooperation between the press, the bar and the bench to the end of further strengthening service to the First Amendment and the Sixth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States throughout Missouri; 
      • to provide leadership and guidance aimed at achieving a better informed citizenry that will be serviced by a still higher order of justice; 
      • to take whatever steps are necessary throughout an educational program for the press, the bar, the bench and the people of Missouri to promote a better informed citizenry and a strong First and Sixth Amendment.


      Current Press-Bar Commission Members Include:

      Representatives of Missouri Press Association

      James White, Benton County Enterprise
      Dalton C. Wright, Lebanon Daily Record

      Representatives of Missouri Broadcasters Association

      Bob Priddy, Missourinet (ret)
      Curtis Varns, General Manager, The Networks of Mid-Missouri

      Representatives of The Missouri Bar  

      Robert M. Clayton, II
      John DeMoor, DeMoor Law Firm
      Theresa L F Levings, Badger & Levings LC 

      Representative of the Judicial Conference of Missouri 

      Hon. Mary R. Russell (President), Supreme Court of Missouri 

      Representative of Trial Judges Section of the Judicial Conference of Missouri

      Hon. Michael Cordonnier, 31st Judicial Circuit

      Representative of Missouri Association of Probate and Associate Circuit Judges

      Hon. Leslie Schneider, 13th Judicial Circuit

      Representative of Missouri Municipal and Associate Circuit Judges Association

      Hon. Todd Thornhill, Springfield Municipal Court 

      Representative of Missouri Court of Appeals

      Hon. William Francis Jr., Missouri Court of Appeals, Southern District

      Representative of St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      Christopher Ave, Political and National Editor, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

      Representative of Kansas City Star

      Chick Howland, Projects and Enterprise Editor, Kansas City Star

      Members at Large

      Jean Maneke, The Maneke Law Group LC
      Mark S. Sableman, Thompson Coburn
      Liz Irwin (Vice President), Publisher, Missouri Lawyers Media

      Honorary Member

      Chief Justice Zel Fischer, Supreme Court of Missouri

      Associate Members

      Mark Maassen, Executive Director, Missouri Press Association
      Mark Gordon, Executive Director, Missouri Broadcasters Association
      Zoe Linza, Executive Director, Bar Association of Metropolitan St. Louis
      Crista Hogan, Executive Director, Springfield Metropolitan Bar Association
      Sebrina A. Barrett (Secretary | Treasurer), Executive Director, The Missouri Bar
      Betsy AuBuchon, Clerk of the Supreme Court of Missouri
      Victoria Mauck, Executive Director, Kansas City Metropolitan Bar Association 
      Mark Horvit, Associate Professor, Missouri School of Journalism
                         Director, State Government Reporting Program
                         Board of Directors, National Freedom of Information Coalition

      Related Staff  

      Beth Riggert, Communications Counsel, Supreme Court of Missouri
      Farrah Fite, Media Relations Director, The Missouri Bar
      Hannah Kiddoo, Assistant Editor and Communications Coordinator, The Missouri Bar