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      Discounts, Benefits and Services for Missouri Bar Members


      A   ABA Book Discount   |   Avis
      B   Biztourage   |   BlockDrop (NEW BENEFIT)   |   Budget
      C   CiteCheck   |   Clio   |   Community.lawyer (NEW BENEFIT)    |   CosmoLex
      F   Fastcase
      G   GoNext Travel   |   Guardian
      H   Health Insurance   |   HotelStorm    
      L   LawPay   |   Legal Directories   |   Legal Matter Point (NEW BENEFIT)   |   Lenovo    |   LexisNexis   |   LexReception (NEW BENEFIT)   |   LHI Local Hospitality   |   Life Insurance
      M   MoBar Net   |   Mutual of Omaha   |   MyCase
      S   SimpleLaw (NEW BENEFIT)   |   Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists & Web Chat (NEW BENEFIT)    |   Surety and Fidelity
      T   Tabs3/PracticeMaster   |   The Bar Plan   |   The Expert Institute (NEW BENEFIT)
      U   UPS  
      Z   Zola Creative   |   Zola Suite



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       BUILD  |  MANAGE
      biztourage     clio-logo     Community.lawyer  CosmoLex   LawPay Member Benefit  mycase   Legal Matter Point       Lenovo       LexReceptionmycase  Office Depot   PracticePanther Rocket MatterRuby Receptionists SimpleLaw  Smith.ai Virtual Receptionists & Web Chat    Practice Master  UPS Logo        West  Zola Creative      Zola Suite


      PLAN  |  INSURE

                      Tax Favored Benefits              The Bar Plan Surety and Fidelity Company  



        Avis Budget HOTELSTORM       local hospitality       





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      Lawyers in a Changing Economy
      • Special board committee focused on assisting lawyers in a changing economy
      • Website of resources
      • Lawyer Survival Guide (developed by the Leadership Academy)
      • Free “How to” Practical Skills how-to videos online on various practice areas available on the Members Only portion of the website
      • Discounted products and services