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      Missouri Lawyers' Assistance Program (MOLAP)

      MOLAP Logo (Smaller)

      (800) 688-7859

      Free and Confidential

      Anne Chambers, Director
      Missouri Lawyers' Assistance Program

      The Missouri Lawyers' Assistance Program is a professional, confidential counseling program for members of The Missouri Bar, immediate family members who reside with them, and law students. Through a variety of free services, MOLAP helps individuals overcome personal problems such as substance abuse, depression, stress and burnout.

      Services include:

      • Counseling. All Bar members have unlimited, 24/7 access by phone to a licensed clinical social worker (call (800) 688-7859). MOLAP also makes referrals to professional resources as indicated.
      • Crisis intervention. MOLAP coordinates crisis intervention services for individuals and law firms.
      • Education and Prevention. MOLAP offers educational programs and articles on topics such as substance abuse, stress, depression and quality of life. In addition, a series of questionnaires helps members screen themselves for a variety of problems.

      All MOLAP services are free of charge and strictly confidential.


      A program of the Missouri Bar, MOLAP is partially funded by The Bar Plan Mutual Insurance Society.