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      Journal of The Missouri Bar

      The Journal of The Missouri Bar is the official publication of The Missouri Bar. Published six times annually, the Journal carries substantive articles on timely legal issues,as well as regular columns, practice management articles and features covering cutting-edge topics that are trending in the legal profession. Notices of Supreme Court rule changes, upcoming meetings, continuing legal education programs and more may also be found in each issue. The Journal also is available online here. 

      As with all member benefits we offer, we welcome your comments and suggestions on the Journal. Submit them online using this form 

      The Journal of The Missouri Bar is the only state bar publication which carries advertising. Both display advertising and classified advertising appears in the Journal. In addition, the Journal qualifies, under state statute, as a forum for publication of notices of corporate dissolution.  

      • Latest Journal of the Missouri Bar

        Cover for September - October Journal of The Missouri BarVol. 75, No. 5
        September - October 2019

        Feature Articles:
        • Moving Forward: Supreme Court Issues New Jury Instructions Relating to Missouri Human Rights Act
        • Missouri's Implied Warranty of Habitability: It's Time for Meaningful Clarification
        • It Is Flu Season Again ... Do You Know Where the Vaccine Court Is?

        Click here for the latest Journal of The Missouri Bar.

      • Our Editorial Policy

        The Journal of The Missouri Bar assists members of The Missouri Bar in keeping abreast of changes in legal developments and in meeting their professional obligations. The Journal welcomes submission of articles relating to any legal topic of interest to Missouri lawyers. Criteria for publication include the quality of the article, its substantive value, its general interest to Missouri lawyers and the originality of its subject matter. Articles of a historical nature, articles which relate to cases pending before any court or agency and articles previously published in whole or substantial part will not be accepted for publication. Consistent with the Journal's format, the language of submissions should be gender-neutral. Articles must conform to the Tips for Authors and Citation Guidelines adopted by the Journal.

        The Journal of The Missouri Bar encourages all its members, including women and minorities, to contribute substantive law articles for publication. Reservation of a topic is strongly encouraged. To reserve a topic contact Editor Gary Toohey or Assistant Editor Hannah Kiddoo. 

        The Journal is not copyrighted as a publication, but authors may copyright their individual articles. Opinions and positions stated in signed material are those of the authors and not necessarily those of The Missouri Bar or the Journal. The material within this publication is presented as information to be used by attorneys, in conjunction with other research deemed necessary, in the exercise of their independent judgment. Original and fully current sources of authority should be researched.

        Publication of advertising material is not an endorsement by The Missouri Bar or the Journal of the advertised product or service.

        Journal Contact Information:

        Journal of The Missouri Bar
        326 Monroe Street
        PO Box 119
        Jefferson City, MO 65102-0119
        Gary Toohey, Editor | (573) 638-2222
        Hannah Kiddoo, Assistant Editor | (573) 659-2294