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        Plan to Attend - Friday, May 10, 2019

        The spring gathering of state bar committees will take place Friday, May 10, 2019, at the Capitol Plaza Hotel in Jefferson City and marks the final meeting of the 2018-2019 bar year for most committees.  Registrants take advantage of:

        • FREE registration
        • FREE CLE at many meetings
        • Complimentary lunch 
        • Opportunities to explore Missouri Bar committees


        Register online to reserve your spot. Online registration is available until 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, May 8.


        Check out the Program Section of the Registration page to see which committees are meeting, their agendas, materials (if provided), and information on CLE being offered.  A complimentary lunch will be offered to all attendees between the morning and afternoon sessions.  


        Each meeting will have a printable agenda available online; however, not all meetings will provide additional materials.  Materials will be posted as they are provided and can be found under the Program section of the Registration page.  You must click on the meeting name in the Program section to display the meeting details and materials link.  Printed handouts will not be available onsite.  


        Information on the meeting venue Capitol Plaza Hotel, including location, reservations, and parking is available on the Hotel/Parking page.  

        Committee Meetings General Information

        Committee/sections are expected to hold at least two meetings each year.  The Missouri Bar hosts Spring and Fall Committee Meetings annually to accommodate.  Check out the Committee Meetings page for additional general information. 

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